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Wright State Army ROTC cadets take part in summer programs, internships around the world

Faith Maryama White

One will work in Madagascar, an island nation off of the southeast coast of Africa. Another will train in the rain-forested nation of Guyana on the northern coast of South America. Others will be in Europe on internships.

They are among U.S. Army ROTC cadets from Wright State University taking part in summer programs and internships designed to hone their medical, language and cultural skills as well as to strengthen relationships among U.S. allies.

“It’s not only training; it’s also developing friendships and bonds,” said Logan Hunt, a recent Army ROTC graduate from Wright State who spent the summer of his sophomore year in Indonesia working alongside the Indonesian navy.

Kathleen Read Reuber

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a college-based program that trains students to become commissioned officers of the armed forces.

This summer, several Wright State Army ROTC cadets are participating in the Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency program, which involves military-to-military interaction, humanitarian projects and language training.

“It is the U.S. Army Cadet Command’s opportunity to have cadets study abroad,” said Hunt.

U.S. Army ROTC conducts numerous missions around the world. Cadets are selected based on performance and academics.

Razia R. Johnson

Upon selection, the cadets meet at Cadet Command Headquarters at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and undergo critical-mission training. The cadets then depart with their teams to their designated countries.

Cadet Faith Maryama White, a biological sciences/applied physiology major at Wright State, is going to Madagascar. She will work with the Malagasy Military Academy, teaching English language classes to Malagasy students, writing papers and preparing briefings.

Cadet Kathleen Read Reuber, who majors in industrial and systems engineering, will go to Guyana. She will work with the Guyana military, participate in humanitarian efforts and be involved in cultural and language exchange.

Jordan Lee Hargis

Several other Wright State Army ROTC cadets are participating in summer internship programs. The U.S. Army ROTC Program offers critical field training experience for cadets to explore their academic area of concentration alongside other military service members in premier military settings.

Cadet Razia R. Johnson, a biological sciences (pre-medical) major, is taking part in the Army Medical Department Internship Program in Vincenza, Italy. She will be stationed at Regional Health Command Europe, which provides health services to U.S. military forces.

Cadet Jordan Lee Hargis, who is majoring in criminal justice, will take part in a Cadet Command Internship in Landstuhl, Germany. He will train in a clinic and providing comprehensive public health and veterinary medical services in support of forces across Eurasia.

Johnathan R Marcelli

And Cadet Johnathan R. Marcelli, a psychology major, is taking part in the Army Medical Department Internship Program at the Kirk U.S. Army Health Clinic at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The mission of the program is to give cadets insight into Army medical facilities and expose them to leadership in the medical arena.

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