From the series Faculty Awards for Excellence 2021–2022

2021–2022 University Professor

Charles Gulas

Charles Gulas

Charles Gulas, Ph.D., professor of marketing, received the 2021–2022 University Professor Award for his positive impact on students both inside and outside his discipline and exemplary research, along with a high devotion to Wright State and the Raj Soin College of Business.

Gulas’ colleagues describe his teaching, research and service as outstanding and exemplary within his college and the university. His research has been cited extensively in and outside of his field of marketing. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on the use of humor in advertising.

“As a research scholar, Gulas’ articles have had global impact,” said James Munch, Ph.D., professor of marketing. “His research has drawn the attention of and influenced the research of scholars across many fields. His research reputation is worldwide.”

Gulas has written more than 30 papers and has been cited over 3,000 times. These citations come from dozens of fields, many outside of marketing. Academic disciplines such as psychology, chemosensory perception, sociology, ethics, criminology, education, linguistics and environmentalism have all cited his work. His research spans a wide variety of topics, such as environmentally oriented advertising, business ethics, consumer identity, perceptions of violence, retail atmospherics and more.

Many of Gulas’ papers are highly rated across multiple academic journals in business. Eight of his publications are rated “A” in the ABDC Journal rating and eight of his papers are rated “B” in the ABDC Journal rating.

Gulas has often served as a reviewer for academic journals and conferences. He has also served as a reviewer for dissertations, honors projects, and promotion and tenure cases at several universities. Additionally, he served as co-editor of a special issue of the International Journal of Advertising on humor in advertising, co-edited a book on humor in advertising and co-authored a book on the topic.

Gulas has received multiple teaching awards and has taught 22 different class preparations, developing both traditional and nontraditional marketing classes, including a class on personal branding to help students as they enter the job market.

As a teacher, Gulas has been described as the “go-to” professor within the Department of Marketing. He offers advice to students and alumni, regardless of their major. He has fostered many long-term relationships with former students.

Thomas Traynor, Ph.D., dean of the Raj Soin College of Business, said these relationships have had an incredibly positive impact.

“Many relationships he has developed with his former students have proven to be life-altering for them,” Traynor said. “He is willing to counsel them on anything they are willing to bring to him.”

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