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2021 Excellence in Human Relations (Unclassified)

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith, assistant director of student success in the College of Science and Mathematics, received the 2021 President’s Award for Excellence in Human Relations (Unclassified) for her fierce advocacy for students and her efforts to build a strong foundation for Wright State.

Smith created the Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Bachelor of Arts in Public Health degree program, which enables more accessibility in the program for students who may have achievement gaps. The program promotes enthusiasm and diversity in the College of Science and Mathematics, said Laura Marker, academic advisor.

“This diversity will have a profound impact on our community,” Marker said.

Marker said that since its creation the College of Science and Mathematics Advising Office has not seen any turnover. Smith’s leadership made this environment possible.

“Her leadership has been a key part to help her team through COVID-19 and the other challenges the university has gone through the last three years,” Marker said. “Smith is a leader, a role model and a mentor to her team, and she encourages us not only to do our best every day but to go above and beyond.”

Smith works hard to build a strong foundation through proactive and inclusive decisions that allow each person and voice to be heard. She is an incredibly effective communicator and works hard to take in student opinions to form the best possible experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Smith’s coworkers commend her hard work in promoting gender equality and they cite her as a role model, a leader and mentor to her team.

“She has a true enthusiasm for the work that she does every day,” Marker said. “She is an example of the type of leader and employee Wright State needs and has helped create.”

Marker said that Smith has greatly contributed to the university as a whole by leading the College of Science and Mathematics Advising Office to provide the best advising for students and helping them accomplish their goals and graduate.

“She has often gone above and beyond for our community and shows she not only cares about her team but also the students and the university greatly,” Marker said.

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