From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2021

2021 Excellence in Human Relations (Classified)

Rebecca Hook

Rebecca Hook

Rebecca Hook, financial manager in the Department of Biological Sciences, received the 2021 President’s Award for Excellence in Human Relations (Classified) for her willingness to step in wherever she is needed to help.

She works hard to assist her colleagues whenever she can, be it navigating ordering systems, handling department budgeting or assisting faculty with purchasing equipment.

Hook often steps up to challenges and responsibilities that are outside her regular duties. She serves at the front of the department’s office when her colleagues are unavailable to do so and helps train new staff when they arrive.

Katie Hossler, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences, said she admires Hook for her attitude and hard work.

“Hook has continuously been a presence of help and positivity. She really goes above and beyond for the department and always brings a smile to our days,” Hossler said. “It always amazes me how Hook, getting less, does more for everyone else.”

Labib Rouhana, Ph.D., former associate professor of biological sciences, said that working with Hook to figure out financing for travel, research and equipment is incredibly easy and fulfilling. Her support and service to the Department of Biological Sciences are critical, Rouhana said.

In the past, when spending and purchasing procedures changed, Hook handled the changes with ease and communicated effectively with department staff. Hook’s effective work enables faculty members to work more effectively, Rouhana said.

“Hook works very hard to ensure that at least the financial operations of the faculty and department run as smoothly as possible, and she does so always with a positive attitude,” Rouhana said. “I cannot emphasize enough how dependable and capable she is.”

In addition to duties to Wright State and the Department of Biological Sciences, Hook leads the Invisible Santa program for families in need. She collects gifts from people in the Department of Biological Sciences and delivers them to families who sign up for the program.

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