Excellence in Human Relations (Classified)

Kym Sellers

Kym Sellers

Kym Sellers is an administrative specialist with Community Health and the Center for Interventions, Treatment, and Addictions Research (CITAR), but to many on campus she is a friend, and an advocate for equal treatment. Sellers represents classified staff in the Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC), having served as both an officer and chair. Her unrelenting drive to bring light to the challenges classified staff face has been a welcome inspiration to many employees.

Sellers has used many methods to engage classified staff, including open forums, emails, and invitations to attend CSAC meetings. She encourages classified employees to be informed and involved with their university, and to respond positively to change.

Sellers is described by her peers as an attentive spokeswoman who is focused on giving a voice to those who might be afraid to voice their concerns. Often helping others find the resources to resolve their issues, Sellers relays questions and concerns to university administration, enabling the university community to address, and resolve, problems that might otherwise fester.

Sellers championed the new performance appraisal policy, was instrumental in crafting the new Wright Way Policy 4104, “Staff Service and Professional Development,” and the new CSAC Committee—Welcome, Campus Culture and Professional Development is her brainchild.

Sellers may be tireless in her pursuit of improving working conditions for classified staff, but she always keeps in mind how that effort connects back to the university’s goal—to help students achieve their academic dreams.

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