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Alysoun Taylor-Hall

Alysoun Taylor-Hall

During her eight years as program coordinator for the Ph.D. in Engineering program with the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Alysoun Taylor-Hall has elevated the program and the college with a relentless focus on improving enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

Last year, Taylor-Hall worked with dissertation-qualified faculty to prepare for an external review of the program. The self-study report contained several metrics demonstrating admissions standards, educational experiences, outcomes, employers’ satisfaction, and funding. She organized and presented 10 years of material to panel members who were impressed with how meticulous the program was managed and documented in an effort to maintain its high standards.

Students appreciate the time Taylor-Hall takes to help them navigate the milestones of the program too. She meets with them individually at least once a year to review their progress and chart a course for the coming year. Students say the advising sessions help them plan more effectively and feel more confident about their progress. Her open-door attitude has helped more than 100 students graduate from the program.

Taylor-Hall’s commitment to responsible conduct in research is also reflected in her service as a regular presenter in the Academic Integrity class. She draws on her experience as a technical writer, editor, and graduate program coordinator to make presentations on how to cite sources in research writing and how students can prepare their thesis or dissertation.

One former student wrote, “Alysoun Taylor-Hall is the face of the program for all students involved. She is a concerned and involved advocate, and treats each and every student as an individual professional.”

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