Kristine Scordo was an invited speaker at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners held in Las Vegas in June. She gave three presentations: 1) “Differentiating scope of practice;” 2) “Dabigatran: An alternative to Warfarin in atrial fibrillation;” and 3) “Workshop on recognition and treatment of valvular heart disease.” She also gave two presentations at the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium held in Colorado in July. The presentations were 1) “Hypertension in the high-risk individual,” and 2) “Pre-operative assessment for the non-cardiac surgery patient.”

Deborah Arms and Jody Gill, nursing and health, presented “Integration of innovative technology in the classroom” at the METI Regional Conference held in July. Lisa Filyo also contributed to the presentation.

Deborah Arms, nursing and health, will be given the Excellence in Nursing Administration Award by the Ohio Nurses Association at its 2011 convention to be held in October.

Rosemary Eustace, nursing and health, passed the Advanced Public Health Nursing Certification Examination offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in July. She can now add “PHCNS-BC” to her credentials.

Several faculty members in the College of Nursing and Health participated in the National Association of School Nurses Conference held in Washington, DC, in July. Ann Stalter presented “Body mass index screening in public elementary schools.” Mary Beth Kaylor and Jeannie Bochenek presented “Accentuating the positive of BMI screening in public elementary schools using a national sample.”

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