From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2016

Excellence in Service (Unclassified)

Jason Bickford

No matter the task or issue at hand in the Student Union, Jason Bickford is willing to take on the responsibility — and shine.

As the senior event services coordinator for the Student Union, Bickford is tasked with assisting internal and external stakeholders with scheduling, planning and setting up events in various rooms in the Student Union and surrounding venues. He is involved in various events like the Presidential Lecture Series, Staff Development Day and awards ceremonies.

Jason Bickford

Jason Bickford

“All this may go unnoticed, but Mr. Bickford is much like all the other resources provided in the Student Union, such as audio visual, food services, etc. You never really notice them unless something goes wrong,” said Craig This, director of the Office of Institutional Research. “And it is very rare that anything does go wrong on Mr. Bickford’s watch.”

Bickford is prompt, professional and has a strong eye for detail, meeting the requirements and accommodation of size, audio and visual needs for each event.

“His attention to detail is unparalleled,” said Fran Keeley, director of ceremonies. “He not only works to get you the venue that you want, but if that’s unavailable he will suggest other rooms that might work for the meeting or event. He doesn’t wait for you to call with a list of requirements for your event — he is proactive, asks questions and makes invaluable suggestions — thus ensuring that your meeting or event is a success.”

If there is an issue or crisis on the day of a meeting or event, Bickford is the first to step up and try to minimize the discomfort of guests.

“He doesn’t ‘phone it in.’ He is onsite and working toward the goals of the stakeholder,” said Keeley.

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