From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2016

Spirit of Innovation (Classified)

Nathan Seim

Nathan Seim played a key role in the creation of the Data Analytics Visualization Environment (DAVE) in the Raj Soin College of Business.

As a technology support coordinator in the College of Business, Seim assisted the Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management in launching the DAVE lab. His role included consulting on hardware acquisition, installing and deploying server hardware and applications utilized in the lab, and providing ongoing technical support.

He accomplished these tasks in addition to his regular responsibilities, which include maintaining technology in the college. Seim provides intelligence and creativity when he works to solve technological problems.

Nathan Seim

Nathan Seim

“Regardless of the nature of the tasks, patience and excellence are always found in Nathan’s work,” said Shu Schiller, associate professor and chair of the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management.

Seim’s mastery of supporting technologies allows faculty to concentrate on their research and has saved the college from investing in outside expertise.

In addition, he manages the IT infrastructure in the college and works with CaTS on networking, hardware and software installation and maintenance. He also coordinates events and visitations at the college and prepares labs for student, staff and faculty use.

His “dedication for excellence in managing all aspects of IT and working with students, faculty, staff and administrators demonstrates the true meaning of the word,” said Schiller. “The most important aspect of Nathan’s strength is the exact word — excellence.”

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