Wright State Top 3 Campus for Students with Physical Disabilities



Service dogs feel welcomed by Wright State University. This university opened the first on-campus service dog park. Yup, the whole one-acre park remains exclusive to service dogs. The park also includes a covered patio area, a water station so that your dog doesn’t dehydrate after running around and paved paths. And construction is underway for a dog agility trail. Now back to the students. Wright State offers plenty of dorm assistance and equipment. Staff also help students find a personal care attendant to assist with more hands-on needs such as bathing, grooming and feeding as needed. Wright State recently started paratransit services that provide students with door-to-door campus transportation. Other wheelchair accessible campus shuttles run throughout the weekdays to locations throughout campus plus buses for off-campus travel. Back on campus, the university has a Personal Assistance (PA) Station that includes private restrooms, lifts and personal assistance with restroom needs.

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