Plowing ahead

Grounds Maintenance crews have been working around the clock to keep students, staff and faculty safe when they return to campus after this week’s winter weather.

Seven grounds workers have been tasked with plowing, shoveling and spreading salt on parking lots and walking paths. Their work began as soon as the first snowflake fell on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

“We have so much property that we need to plow it, plow it and plow it again,” said Joe Dick, transportation and grounds manager.

“It takes a team effort,” said Tom Geglein, grounds maintenance worker who operates a Toro Polar Trac Groundsmaster 7200, a plow that can be converted to mow grass in the spring. “With the little bit of numbers we have everybody doing their job and we all flow together and get the job done.”

Maintenance and custodial staff also assisted grounds crews by clearing walkways and entryways on Tuesday.

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