Wright State offers students tuition protection insurance

Wright State University students can enroll in a tuition insurance program, giving them financial protection if they have to withdraw because of an unexpected emergency.

The university has partnered with GradGuard to offer all Wright State students a Tuition Protection Plan, an optional insurance program.

GradGuard tuition insurance will reimburse students for tuition, housing, dining and other fees if they withdraw from school for an illness, injury or mental health reason at any time during the semester.

Tuition insurance also comes with GradGuard Student Life Assistance, a 24-hour hotline to help students stay safe on- and off-campus. This is in addition to Raider Cares, Counseling and Wellness Service’s 24-hour crisis phone line for students.

Becky Sparks, director of bursar services, said tuition insurance gives students and families access to affordable protection of their investment in their education.

“College is a significant investment that can be protected just like your car and your home,” Sparks said. “Tuition insurance can give students and families the peace of mind to know that, if they have to withdraw from school for a medical reason, they won’t face financial barriers when they are ready to come back.”

Under the university’s refund policy, students may not be eligible for a full refund if they withdraw mid-semester and may still be responsible for tuition, living expenses and fees.

Students or parents can purchase the plan prior to the first day of class. Spring Semester begins on Jan. 10.

More information about the program is available at gradguard.com/tuition/wright or by calling 877-794-6603.

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