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Photo of Javan Conley, senior project manager in Engineering and Construction

Javan Conley, senior project manager in Engineering and Construction

As a senior project manager for the Engineering and Construction Department, Javan Conley provides the leadership necessary to navigate all the challenges that come with major construction projects. He coordinates with multiple stakeholders to ensure that goals are achieved, schedules are met, and budgets are maintained.

His impressive list of projects includes the major renovations of the Union Market, the Student Union Recreation Center, and the Forest Lane Apartments, as well as the construction of the Rinzler Student Sports Complex.

“His integrity and demeanor earn respect and have led directly to the success of many projects,” said Eric Corbitt, director of the Student Union and Campus Recreation.

Conley’s job requires him to wear many hats. He serves as an ambassador, an arbitrator, a negotiator, a decision maker, and a problem solver. He compromises when necessary and holds firm when critical. Communicating with planners, architects, contractors, inspectors, administrators, and clients, Conley delivers both good and bad news in a professional, timely manner.

“Javan is masterful in establishing positive relationships with the end users by keeping them informed of progress and helping them understand delays, unplanned surprises, and other disappointments that can occur in a major project,” said Katherine Morris, associate vice president for student affairs.

“To keep me abreast of the progress of two recent projects, he frequently sent me electronic files of photographs without any prompts from my end,” said Morris. “I really appreciated that thoughtfulness.”

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