Outstanding Collaborative Unit

President's Awards for Excellence

Photo of the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources staff

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources staff

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) serves Wright State University by providing collaborative support to all investigators using animals in research, teaching, or testing. The unit has six full-time technicians and a supervisor. Most of the team is certified by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science as assistant or full laboratory animal technicians and three are also veterinary technicians.

The team is responsible for the daily care of more than 2,000 lab animals. In 2011, LAR collaborated with more than 40 researchers working with 13 different animal species. In addition to daily feeding, watering, and habitat cleaning, the team also trains investigators, staff, and students on the proper care and use of animals in research.

Perhaps most importantly, the LAR staff really functions as a cohesive unit. No individual can look after a particular animal all the time, so proper communication and record keeping is critical. The staff consults each other and maintains open lines of communication with investigators and their staffs.

Their dedication to the welfare animals comes from a genuine excitement to assist with the research and teaching needs of the university while ensuring that Wright State meets all federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.



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