$5 million software gift to WSU training geologists of the future


In a Wright State University lab, seismic and well log information fed into a computer are blooming into colorful, three-dimensional images of underground deposits, rock formations and reservoirs filled with oil and gas.

Staring in wonder at the monitor are two graduate students who are more accustomed to interpreting such data from wiggly lines printed on large sheets of paper.

“It’s hard to visualize just squiggly lines, and to know what they mean. But when you can render them as a visualization of the geology, it helps,” said Scott Bey, a grad student from Columbus who hopes for a career in the oil and gas industry.

The computer software that transforms this data into a subterranean vision is a $5 million gift to Wright State from Schlumberger Limited, the world’s largest oilfield services company and also a leader in environmental services.

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