Wright State students visit France, meet WWII hero


“Every American should visit the Normandy beach landing sites and the American cemetery and museum because it’s a way to truly honor the sacrifices of those young American servicemen so long ago,” said Kaitlin Coyle, Wright State French major, after a day touring battle sites and memorials to those who gave their lives to fight Nazi domination.

Lexis Gillette-Corsi, agreed: “I was so moved to stand on the very beach where our men waded to shore under heavy artillery and mortar fire; I could almost feel their courage.”

Seventy years after Operation Overlord, 21 Wright State French students, along with their two professors, Pascale Abadie and Kirsten Halling, visited German bunkers, climbed into bomb craters and paid their respects to the 9,387 soldiers buried in the American Cemetery, a piece of land overlooking Omaha Beach, which was given to the American government by the liberated French.

Read the article from the Dayton Daily News.

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