From the series Faculty Awards for Excellence 2014

Outstanding Lecturer

Tracey Kramer

Tracey Kramer

Students learn best when the learning process is shared between the student and the instructor.

This deeply seated belief is what has led Tracey Kramer to touch the lives of hundreds of soon-to-be teachers. Serving as director of the Middle Childhood Education Program, Kramer has become a well-respected and remarkable teacher, mentor, and learner.

“Kramer is the driving force behind the Middle Childhood Education Program’s success,” said David Herick, instructor of professional field experience in the College of Education and Human Services. “Her organizational skills are unmatched and facilitate effective management of all components of the program. Her high standards for effective instruction and exceptional professionalism are always present and serve as models for her students and fellow faculty.”

Kramer challenges her students to challenge their students with rigorous curriculum, set and uphold high expectations, care about each student, be available for them, inspire them to do their best, and expose them to new ways of thinking.

She utilizes anticipation guides, concept sorts, literature circles, discussion structures, and formative assessments. She also models differentiation through the use of menu choice boards, station teaching, textbook choice, and varied levels of assessment.

Her leadership abilities are showcased through her service as program director of middle childhood education and the edTPA (National Teacher Performance Assessment) coordinator for all initial teaching licensure programs. She is responsible for the second largest program in the College of Education and Human Services, serving more than 225 undergraduate students and 30 to 50 graduate students a year.

Kramer gives back to her profession by delivering workshops and professional presentations at state and national conferences. She has delivered an average of five workshops or presentations per year throughout her 10-year employment with Wright State.

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