Wright State preparing to host first presidential debate

The national spotlight will shine brightly this fall on Wright State University when it hosts the first presidential debate on Sept. 26.

“The first one is special,” said Donna Schlagheck, retired chair of the Department of Political Science who helped Wright State secure the debate. “It will be the American voters’ first opportunity to take full measure — head to head — of the finalists for the most powerful position in the world. This really is groundbreaking for the university.”

But perhaps more importantly, the debate will give Wright State students an up-close look at the candidates and a taste of democracy in action amid the blare of a media swarm.

The debate is already having an academic impact at Wright State.

The Department of Political Science is offering several new courses on political parties and campaigns, while the Department of History is offering a class on Presidents and International Crises.

In addition, a campus film series on the American presidency is being organized, and Wright State is applying for a grant to work with K-12 teachers to educate their students about democracy and politics.

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