Raider innovators can solve real-world problems at weekend event

Students can learn about research, innovation and entrepreneurship during the first-ever Innovation Weekend from April 6 to April 8 in the Student Success Center. (Photo by Teesha McClam)

All weekend, from April 6 to April 8, students can learn about research, innovation and entrepreneurship through the first-ever Innovation Weekend.

Held in the Student Success Center, Innovation Weekend involves students from across campus and will encourage collaboration through innovation sessions mentored by regional content experts.

The event begins Friday, April 6, at 5 p.m. with an introduction of the topic and event overview. The full schedule and registration information are available at

Innovation Weekend is free to students. Food will be provided throughout the weekend.

Students attending can gain real-world problem-solving experience, meet employers, innovators and entrepreneurs from the region, gain access to potential experiential and employment opportunities, learn something new and win prizes.

Students will work in teams to solve real-world problems of interest in the private and public sectors and the military. While the event is sponsored by the College of Science and Mathematics, students from all majors are encouraged to participate.

The first of many planned events in the coming years, Innovation Weekend will focus on problems related to patient information visualization, particularly under extreme situations such as a battlefield, natural disaster or an active-shooter event. Discussions will encompass topics such as medical information and terminology, physiology, data analytics, computer science, data visualization, logistics, patient care and human-machine interface. This broad range of relevant topics encourages students from all over campus to attend.

The military and first responders need to work fast to save lives. The Air Force has a strong interest in identifying ways to quickly visualize medical data, identify patients in need of immediate intervention and route them to the appropriate care facility. Students will develop novel solutions to these challenges and then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges with expertise in the area.

Students will work with their teams during the weekend, as well as get the chance to ask questions. Students can form groups in advance or come solo and meet others through the organized team building process. Although attending all sessions is encouraged, students may come and go as necessary.

On Saturday and Sunday, the groups will work on brainstorming a solution to the assigned problem with the help of mentors. On Sunday afternoon, the students will pitch their solutions, followed by award distribution.

The weekend will have ample time for refreshment and social engagement, including interactions with faculty and regional employers.

The goal of Innovation Weekend is to encourage and enhance an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in undergraduate students across diverse majors while fostering closer ties with the private sector and exposing students to experiences of regional workforce relevance.

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