Before I Die…

For the past 10 days, a large interactive exhibit has rolled around campus, making stops at the Quad, White Hall Atrium, Hamilton Plaza, Student Union and “Turning Points.” The large four-sided chalkboard on wheels encouraged students to answer the question: What do you want to do before you die?

The idea for the wall came from a TED Talk for students in Communicating through Chronic Illness and End of Life, a special topics in communication course at Wright State University.

Marie Thompson, associate professor of communication, said the project is a great way to discuss end-of-life care and communication with her students in the course.

“I’ve been rocked to my core with what they’ve been willing to share,” said Thompson.

“I wrote ‘to find love,’” said Hunter Whitt, a junior communication studies major. “There’s a lot of hate going around in this world and I think that love really brings us together.”

Thompson says the response has been overwhelming and plans to continue teaching this course and expanding the conversation.

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