Music man

Back in 2016, Wright State University alumnus Steve Hampton and his son Will donated professional-level audio recording equipment for School of Music students to use in Schuster Hall. After six years of recording performances, Hampton knew it was time for an upgrade.

“There’s just some things that needed to be updated,” said Hampton. “Putting a few new pieces of gear in and taking out a few of the old ones, new computer and etc.”

Hampton, who works in Los Angeles as a music composer in television and film, graduated in 1980 from Wright State with a degree in music theory and composition.

“Students who are doing recitals want a really good, high-quality product for them to keep forever,” said Dan Zehringer, D.M.A., chair of Wright State’s School of Music.

Hampton’s original gift was part of a $4.2 million concert hall renovation, which created nearly perfect acoustics.

“To me, it’s really exciting to try to get a real high-end recording of a performance on a stage like this,” said Hampton.

The new high-end audio equipment and software includes a digital audio workstation, new audio patch bay panels, an Apple computer, monitor and backup hard drive. The new equipment will simplify recordings so it’s easier for students and staff to use, Hampton said.

Zehringer said 100 performances are recorded in Schuster Hall every year and having a professional-quality recording available to students when they apply for state and national conferences is crucial.

“Steve’s gift to the School of Music today is going to allow our students to really take their performance and their product to the next level,” said Zehringer.

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