Wright State hosts health and physical education workshop

Educators, alumni and teacher candidates shared innovations and ideas for quality health education and physical education during a health and physical education workshop in the Wright State Nutter Center.

The Wright State University Health and Physical Education program held a professional development workshop for educators, alumni and students, offering opportunities to share innovations and ideas for quality health education and physical education.

Some of the workshop topics included “Motivating High School Students through Sport Education,” “Health Education: Suicide Prevention – A Whole School Approach” and “Advocating for Healthy, Physically Active and the Whole Child.”

“The workshop was an opportunity to recruit and develop students to be effective teachers, who will impact the lives of their students by developing the skills to be healthy and physically active,” said Kevin Lorson, Ph.D., professor and director of the Health and Physical Education Licensure Program in Wright State’s College of Health, Education and Human Services. “It’s also a great time to reconnect with our alumni and school partners through professional development. I’m excited for everyone to develop their professional network during our session.”

The workshop attracted Wright State teacher candidates, teachers and alumni from Greene, Montgomery and Miami counties for a variety of reasons.

Willie Baily, a 2010 Wright State graduate who teaches physical education at Valerie Elementary School in Dayton, said he signed up for the workshop to make sure he was up to date on physical education practices in the state.

“The presentation by Kathy Casper, ‘Chase, Dodge and Flee,’ focusing on spatial awareness was amazing. I took a lot from that session,” Baily said. “The symposium just humbles me and lets me know I still have more to learn as an educator which will make my students better.”

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