Faculty recognized for excellence in classroom, research


Wright State honors faculty for excellent work in the classroom, research, community engagement, professional service and early career achievement. Continue reading

Penchant for painting

Assistant professor Jeremy Long makes Wright State his home after thrilling journey through the art world
Art professor Jeremy Long

Assistant art professor Jeremy Long painted in Chicago and Rome and taught in Illinois and New York before joining the Wright State faculty in 2012. Continue reading

Excellence in Leadership (Unclassified)

Sandi Holdheide
Sandi Holdheide

Sandi Holdheide has redefined what it means to be an outstanding leader.
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Excellence in Leadership (Classified)

Kurt Holden
Kurt Holden

Kurt Holden is one of Wright State’s most respected police officers and a distinguished leader in the community. Continue reading

Excellence in Human Relations (Unclassified)

Seth Gordon
Seth Gordon

In one short year with Wright State, Seth Gordon, Ph.D., has expanded the university’s efforts to serve veterans and military-connected students tenfold. Continue reading

Excellence in Human Relations (Classified)

Sandy Musick
Sandra Musick

No one gets people quite like Sandy Musick. Continue reading

Excellence in Service (Unclassified)

Valita Wilhoite
Valita Wilhoite

Valita Wilhoite has a continuing commitment to service and leadership to the Wright State University community that goes unmatched. Continue reading

Excellence in Service (Classified)

Sharon Wik
Sharon Wik

For Sharon Wik, excellence is a daily exercise. Continue reading

Outstanding Collaborative Unit

Representatives from LEAP, UCIE and WSIG

With seamless collaboration, three separate university organizations have put Wright State University in the international arena like never before. Continue reading

Outstanding Unit

Theatre Design and Technology Staff
(L-R) Theatre Design and Technology staff members Tim Judge,  technical director/production manager; John Lavarnway, properties master; and James Dunlap, audio coordinator. Not pictured: Costumer Janet Denman and Assistant Costumer Carly Kimmins were also critical members of this award-winning team.

In order for the vision of a designer or director to become reality, skilled craftsmen and technicians must bridge the gap behind the scenes. Continue reading