From the series President’s Awards for Excellence 2023

2023 Spirit of Innovation

Courtney Laukitis

Courtney Laukitis

The 2023 Spirit of Innovation Award was presented to Courtney Laukitis, program manager of student organizations in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at Wright State University’s Dayton Campus.

Laukitis has been recognized by her colleagues as an exemplary leader with a forward-thinking approach who has demonstrated unwavering courage, character, philosophy and accomplishments that mirror the innovative spirit.

Laukitis is credited for spearheading a campus-wide initiative for Engage, an online student engagement platform, and her commitment to driving positive change and revolutionizing program planning on campus.

“Through her dedication and expertise, Courtney has transformed the way university departments and student organizations approach event tracking, attendance, approval data and more,” Bobbie Szabo, assistant director of the Wright State Women’s Center. “Her efforts in implementing and championing Engage have been instrumental in streamlining data collection and information sharing across the university community.”

Despite some initial resistance, Laukitis remained steadfast in her mission to modernize and enhance the program planning experience for all stakeholders.

Her tireless efforts in driving the adoption of Engage have had a profound impact on student organizations. By providing students with a streamlined and user-friendly platform, Laukitis has empowered student organizations to maximize their potential and create meaningful experiences for their members. Her innovative approach has not only simplified processes but also catalyzed creativity and engagement within the student body.

Laukitis is also recognized for her achievements as an educator and facilitator. She hosts educational bootcamps on Engage for staff and faculty, ensuring that they have the knowledge and tools to effectively navigate the platform and leverage its capabilities and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration across the university.

“Courtney’s commitment to the spirit of innovation aligns perfectly with the core values and mission of Wright State University,” said Szabo. “Her trailblazing work with Engage has reimagined how we approach program planning, data management and information sharing.”

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