Wright State to reduce the cost of on-campus housing by as much as one-third

In an effort to support students living on campus post-pandemic, Wright State University is reducing the price of residential housing on the Dayton Campus by as much as one-third beginning Fall Semester.

“This cost reduction was developed in partnership with Crawford Hoying,” said Gregory Sample, Wright State’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “We believe this will serve as a strong incentive for students who desire to live on campus.”

“Students who live on campus connect with the institution faster, find support groups and use campus resources more often,” added Dan Bertsos, director of Residence Life and Housing. “As a result, they succeed at a higher rate and are more prone to graduate on time.”

Apartments at College Park and University Park will be reduced by 32.1% to $2,091 per semester. Forest Lane apartments will be cut by as much as 35.5% to $2,750.

For residence halls, some of the rooms at The Woods will be reduced by as much as 22% to $2,100, double rooms at Honor’s Hall will drop 25.1% to $2,300, and single rooms at Hamilton Hall will decrease 19.4% to $2,700. Price reductions only apply to residential housing on the Dayton Campus.

Students can still apply to live on campus this fall.

Students with residential and commuter meal plans will also see a few changes in the fall, with both plans giving students more purchasing power for their money.

The value of their meal plan will be increased from $7 to $7.75 per swipe, enabling them to purchase a higher valued meal with one swipe and — depending on the price of the meal — may reduce the need to use Dining Dollars to cover the balance.

One of the other changes is the introduction of a new residential meal plan called the Rowdy 100, which is designed for those who choose to buy only a meal a day. Students who choose this plan will have 100 swipes, $200 in Dining Dollars and $10 in Raider cash.

Wright State has reduced the price of on-campus housing by as much as one-third beginning Fall Semester. (Video by Kris Sproles)

“These changes will give students more variability in pricing,” said Debra Radford, director of auxiliary services. “The residential meal plan options range in price from $947 to $2,147 per semester. For commuters, meal plans will range from $150 for 20 swipes up to $700 for 100 swipes.”

Other changes are in store as well.

Starting this fall, free laundry facilities will be offered in each residential community.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, rooms at Hamilton Hall — which are designed to be doubles — went to single occupancy. That change will become permanent.

Campus activities will also come back to life, with the return of social gatherings and in-person events and activities.

Students will also notice that the rims on the goals of the basketball courts are going back up. They were taken down to prevent gatherings that could spread the coronavirus, but vaccinations have now given people more protection.

Crawford Hoying has plans to modernize residential housing on Wright State’s Dayton Campus. The Dublin, Ohio, company has acquired the majority of Wright State residential housing along Zink Road and is in the process of crafting an operating agreement with Wright State to manage the properties beginning in the fall of 2021.

Mike Landrum, executive vice present of property management for Crawford Hoying, said the company’s roots are in student housing and it has always enjoyed its interactions with student populations.

“We’re excited about Wright State’s long-term vision, and we feel there’s an opportunity to make small changes in the student housing that will make large impacts in the students’ lives,” he said.

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