Biomedical Sciences

Current affair

Wright State neuroscience professors open eyes of high schoolers with electrifying lesson on neural pathways

Wright State faculty reach out to the community to promote a new undergraduate neuroscience major. Continue reading

Wright State’s Dan Krane named to state post on college retention

Dan Krane

Wright State biology professor Dan Krane has been named special assistant for completion initiatives by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Continue reading

Fertility field of research

Students help Wright State’s Labib Rouhana advance research on reproduction
Students look at sample in lab

Wright State research project designed to identify genes that broaden the knowledge of reproduction and offer promise for breakthroughs in infertility got a big push forward from students. Continue reading

Pair of ACEs

Wright State’s Dan Krane, Northern Illinois’ David Stone complete prestigious American Council on Education Fellowships
Dan Krane

Wright State professor Dan Krane, Northern Illinois’ David Stone served prestigious American Council on Education Fellowships during the 2014-15 academic year. Continue reading

Wright State University’s dazzling new Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building a research powerhouse

Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building exterior

Wright State will celebrate the opening on the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building with a ceremony April 16 from 4 to 6 p.m. Continue reading

Best feeling possible

Wright State neuroengineer Sherif Elbasiouny to conduct pioneering prosthesis research in new NEC Building
Sherif Elbasiouny with prosthetic arm

Wright State neuroengineer Sherif Elbasiouny will conduct pioneering prosthesis research in the new Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building. Continue reading

Bob Weisman – A Remembrance

Robert (Bob) Weisman passed away on July 2, 2014, at the age of 77, leaving a great void in the Wright State family. Continue reading

Doing one’s heart good

Students gain insights into cardiac function by testing revolutionary heart pump
heart pump lab

A revolutionary heart pump provides invaluable learning opportunity for Wright State students to understand cardiac function. Continue reading

Video—Expert on DNA evidence speaks at YSU

Dan Krane

Except DNA evidence is becoming more widely used and necessary in criminal court cases. Dan Krane is a professor of biology at Wright State University and is one of the world’s foremost DNA experts.  He’s served as a witness in over … Continue reading

Wright State’s Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program to celebrate 200 graduates

Biomedical Sciences students in lab

Biomedical Sciences, Wright State’s first Ph.D. program, will celebrate a milestone graduation. Continue reading