From the series Faculty Awards for Excellence 2013

Outstanding Lecturer

Dennis Hance

Dennis Hance

Dennis Hance has served as an adjunct faculty member since 2000 and full-time lecturer of mechanical engineering at Wright State’s Lake Campus since 2011.

He has played a vital role in the growth of the Mechanical Engineering program, laying the foundation for improved instruction. In the classroom, he emphasizes hands-on and project-based learning. Committed to helping students succeed, he spends a remarkable amount of time, including evenings and weekends, assisting students with their undergraduate studies and career pursuits.

Hance has worked with local agricultural businesses and students to design and prototype low-cost, multiuse autonomous farming equipment; developed and manages the freshman orientation for the Mechanical Engineering program at the Lake Campus; and established partnerships with local industries to provide meaningful experiential learning for his students, leading to internships and full-time employment.

Hance also serves as chair of the redesign and redevelopment of two undergraduate mechanical engineering courses, and served as lecturer for the University of Applied Sciences study-abroad course in Germany this summer.

He created and now advises the Lake Engineering Club, the Lake Robotics Club, and the Engineering without Borders student organization.

“He has placed Wright State University, the Engineering program, and the Lake Campus in a strong, more robust position,” said Ruby Mawasha, assistant dean in the College of Engineering and Computer Science and director of Engineering and Computer Science programs at the Lake Campus.

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